Saturday, April 20, 2013

4/20 at Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom on Peace St
Today is 4/20 so of course I had to celebrate by partaking in the Grooviest joint I know of... Mellow Mushroom! Mellow Mushroom is a pizza place... but it's so much more than that. Mellow is based around a classic culinary couple... Pizza and Beer. Then toss on an extra large topping of Psychedelic and Groovy... and you are in a totally awesome, 'far-out' place. Today I went to the Mellow Mushroom in Raleigh, NC since I am in the area for my cousin Mary's wedding. This Mellow is especially rad since it's located on Peace Street :)

 I was lucky enough to grow up in Charlottesville, Va where we have a Mellow of our own, so I am very well acquainted with these delicious pies. One of the coolest things about Mellow, is that they can be extremely accommodating to all sorts of dietary needs. As a vegetarian, I always have plenty of awesome options... such as the Kosmic Karma or Magical Mystery Tour specialty pizzas. They also offer a choice of gluten-free pizza dough or vegan cheese. So lactose-intolerant folks can have their pizza and eat it too!

Kosmic Karma
This was perfect for this particular outing, since my cousin +Bennett  is lactose-intolerant AND allergic to gluten. So needless to say, it isn't often that she gets to eat pizza. As an eclectic bunch, my family has a variety of different tastes... but Mellow was able to supply a pizza to make everybody happy.
Dad and Bennett "Mellowin Out"
 In addition to the awesome pizza, I was extremely excited to see one of my favorite beers on draft... Sweetwater 420! There couldn't possibly be a more appropriate place or time for this beer, so of course I had to have one.
Sweetwater 420 on 4/20
This is a special treat of a beer since Sweetwater Brewing Co. is based in Atlanta, and Raleigh is actually the farthest north that it is distributed. When the day comes that this beer makes it into VA, we will immediately put it on draft at 909. Until then, I am forced to travel south to enjoy it.
'Shroom Bros
So in conclusion, if you are ever down south and looking for a fine place to grab some grub and a cold delicious beer... look to Mellow to satisfy your tastebud's wildest cravings. Happy Holidaze y'all!

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